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There you have it—a list of the best 13 free animation software for beginners and pros. The tool you choose really depends on your skill level, your hardware, and the types of videos you want to make. In summary, here’s what you get with the software highlighted in this article:

  1. Animaker: simple, browser-based animation software for beginners, with paid upgrades available
  2. Blender: advanced open-source 3D animation software for people with video experience
  3. K-3D: 3D animation software with polygonal modeling
  4. OpenToonz: 2D animation software with a long list of features for proficient or expert video folks
  5. Pencil2D: hand-drawn, 2D animated videos with a simple interface that’s beginner-friendly but loaded with features
  6. Plastic Animation Paper: helpful for incorporating hand-drawn characters into 2D animated videos
  7. Powtoon: great for creating simple, three-minute explainer or infographic videos in presentation-style format
  8. Stykz: beginner-friendly, stick-figured-based 2D animation software
  9. Synfig Studio: robust software for creating vector-based animated videos with advanced character control
  10. Toontastic 3D: for people who are very new to creating animated videos; meant for kids but can create simple, storytelling- and character-based videos for brands as well
  11. TubiTube: for hobbyists, amateurs, and even children, this software is a great choice for starting your animation journey
  12. Cinema 4D: allows users to create complex sequences without the confusing elements of standard animation software
  13. Clara.io: offers a range of powerful tools that make it easy to animate your video content.
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